I’m Swimming in the Toilet…..PLEASE DON’T FLUSH!

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I’m Swimming in the Toilet… PLEASE DON’T FLUSH!

I’m swimming in the toilet…..please don’t flush, written and illustrated by Len Foley, is a  children’s picture book about a frog trying to cool off on a hot day.  After being outside the frog decides he might look for a cool place in the house to hang out and that lands him in none other than the toilet.  While he is swimming around, he does come across a couple of other swimmers, a shoe, a potato, and even a peanut lifeguard. The fun doesn’t last long when someone flushes the toilet.  

It’s a wild ride after that.  What happens to frog and his swimming friends after that?  Does frog learn a lesson about not swimming in the toilet? I recommend that you get this book and find out these answers for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. 

Even though this book is for ages 3-8, I truly enjoyed the following frog on his hilarious mission to get cooled off.  In reality you get two stories in one. The first is the written rhyme of frogs excursion and the second is a cautionary tale told with the authors colorful illustrations.  You follow frog going about his way in the drawings, but in the background is where the other story lies. There you will see bright colored caution tape, warning signs, and even a yelling peanut lifeguard.  That’s when it becomes apparent that the author is trying to teach children about being aware of their surroundings.
I give this book a 4 out of 4 star rating.  This book would be great for a home library or as an addition to an early educators lesson plan.  Although, I must warn the subtle hints of redirection in the story’s rhyme will most likely be caught by some of the young readers and cause a few giggles.

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