Timothy Mean and the Time Machine


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When you pick up this book, the first thing that will stand out to you is the unbelievable illustrations.  Each page is filled with exquisite detail, helping the reader become fully submerged into the story. While the story is about action and adventure, the colors create a subtle calming effect that matches well with the rhyming.

The second thing that will catch you is a fantastic story that is written as a rhyme.  The story is about a boy named Timothy Mean who creates a time machine and travels back in time.  Of course, with his last name being Timothy Mean you can expect him to cause a bit of trouble each place he visits, but it’s nothing too terribly mean.  Who wouldn’t make pirates walk the plank, or pull a dinosaur’s tail if you had the chance?

I am giving this book five stars. I am giving this book such a high rating because I can see this book helping kids begin, and some continue to use their imaginations to go on a limitless journey.  It is rated for kids K-5, however I would probably rate it more for 2nd grade and up. My rationale for this suggestion is due to two reasons; the advanced vocabulary, an example being “turrets” and that Timothy’s behavior is understood as funny for the story, but not appropriate elsewhere.


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