Joined NetGalley

With a recommendation from a fellow book blogger I decided to join the NetGalley. NetGalley is a site that offers electronic galleys to “professional readers” such as bloggers, book reviewers, booksellers, educators, journalists and librarians. The site layout allows users to search the books available for review by publisher, genre or date of uploadContinue reading “Joined NetGalley”

Sorrow Patch Book Review

Amazon Affiliate link below to purchase book: Sorrow Patch Sorrow Patch, by Zion Blue. Welcome to Dwerry a small village that they lay just beyond the Creeper Forest.  That is until supernatural dreams try to warn one of the villagers, a 14 year old named Patch, that something menacing is coming.  All at once Patch’sContinue reading “Sorrow Patch Book Review”

3 TBR & REVIEWED IN SEPTEMBER just the beginning.

One of the first books I am reading and reviewing Is from an author that I follow on Instagram. The book is titled “Sorrow Patch” by Zion Blue. Second book was recommended from @penguinteen for a good scary read to get ready for the fall season “The Haunted” by Danielle Vega. And last but notContinue reading “3 TBR & REVIEWED IN SEPTEMBER just the beginning.”