Timothy Mean and the Time Machine

https://amzn.to/2qfJGBZ Click above affiliate link to purchase. When you pick up this book, the first thing that will stand out to you is the unbelievable illustrations.  Each page is filled with exquisite detail, helping the reader become fully submerged into the story. While the story is about action and adventure, the colors create a subtleContinue reading “Timothy Mean and the Time Machine”

I’m Swimming in the Toilet…..PLEASE DON’T FLUSH!

Click below on picture or book title for affiliate link 👇 I’m Swimming in the Toilet… PLEASE DON’T FLUSH! I’m swimming in the toilet…..please don’t flush, written and illustrated by Len Foley, is a  children’s picture book about a frog trying to cool off on a hot day.  After being outside the frog decides heContinue reading “I’m Swimming in the Toilet…..PLEASE DON’T FLUSH!”

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