THE HAUNTED book review

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The Haunted

Hendricks and her family have moved to a small town in New York to get away from a troubling situation.  While trying to find her place in a new high school she begins to learn some town secrets. Most of the secrets lie around her family’s new home.  There are ghosts in the past and in the present and Hendricks must learn how to fight them all.

This ghost had longer, darker hair and a wicked grin.  The word loser had been carved just below his neck, and blood dripped over his chest, gathering in the folds of his tattered clothes.

I decided to read this book after getting a recommendation for a spooky read from Penguin Teen Publisher (@penguinteen).  I am glad I did. This was a great book to get started into the pre-Halloween festivity. The ability for the author to describe in detail the scary scenes made you feel like you were part of the action.  I was able to visually imagine what the characters were going through like it was a movie. I believe I was right there beside Hendricks during the whole ordeal, maybe not helping, but there non the less. Then came the end and I was not expecting the twist, even as an adult reader.  This made the book even more worthy of my high praise. I recommend this book to those of all ages who are ready to get involved in a story that will take you on a wild ride.

Joined NetGalley

Professional Reader

With a recommendation from a fellow book blogger I decided to join the NetGalley. NetGalley is a site that offers electronic galleys to “professional readers” such as bloggers, book reviewers, booksellers, educators, journalists and librarians. The site layout allows users to search the books available for review by publisher, genre or date of upload onto NetGalley. Users request the titles they want and if approved the user has a choice among formats of the book (ePub, kindle, or PDF). I will update you on my experience, but so far sounds good to me!

Sorrow Patch Book Review

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Sorrow Patch

Sorrow Patch, by Zion Blue.

Welcome to Dwerry a small village that they lay just beyond the Creeper Forest.  That is until supernatural dreams try to warn one of the villagers, a 14 year old named Patch, that something menacing is coming.  All at once Patch’s entire world changes and he is thrusted into becoming a warrior. 

“His innocence was gone and what lingered was an insatiable thirst for vengeance.”

This book took me about 2 hours to read so it’s a great story to get into when you need a quick read!  My only complaint was that the end came too soon. I was ready to continue on the adventure with Patch, but I will wait patiently until the sequel is released.

3 TBR & REVIEWED IN SEPTEMBER just the beginning.

One of the first books I am reading and reviewing Is from an author that I follow on Instagram. The book is titled “Sorrow Patch” by Zion Blue. Second book was recommended from @penguinteen for a good scary read to get ready for the fall season “The Haunted” by Danielle Vega. And last but not least a was a gift from my husband who is a comic book enthusiast, “My Favorite Thing is Monsters” by Emil Ferris.

Come back for my full no holds bar reviews.

Book Journal

So this is my first post of many. This blog is to review books and anything book related. So join me for some honest book reviews and a few cat pictures/videos to keep us laughing along the way.

I found this amazing Book Journal on Amazon when I decided to start on this adventure and knew it was a must have. Since I have purchased it not only has it helped me keep track of everything I am reading or have read, it helps with WRITING REVIEWS!

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